Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Paytm without internet

Last week I sent a message to paytm on Facebook page and their email id to get to know if they have any provision of using paytm without internet.

Today I got an update on it and they let me know that, paytm can now be used for payment without internet. Although, they could not completely move offline. Because to use this facility, bare minimum requirement is to have a paytm account. Using a one time set up, users can use this facility of offline payment.

So, let's start with the details of using paytm without internet connectivity.


  1.  Existing paytm account.
  2. The mobile number used for account creation.


  1. Call 180018001234 (toll-free) from your registered mobile number.
  2. The IVRS system will let you know that you don't have set 4 digit PIN for your account and will disconnect the call.
  3. You will again receive a call from paytm and this time after going through language selection procedure IVRS will ask you to enter a 4 digit PIN for your account.
    NB: This is the password for your account. So, do not disclose this with anyone. Otherwise, there is a chance of theft from your account.
  4. Once done, you have to remember this 4 digit PIN.


Although you can pay from your paytm account using your mobile, you are not allowed to recharge your paytm account on the same option. To do the same, you have following option,
  1. Recharge paytm wallet using online banking
  2. Recharge using your Credit Card/Debit Card
  3. Ask someone else to send money to your account
  4. Use Paytm Nearby counter to recharge your paytm account. Once you log on, you will find your nearest paytm recharge counters.


So, you've set up your account, you've set up your PIN and also recharged your account to use paytm over mobile. Next step is to actually use the payment service over mobile. Following are the steps to follow,
  1. Call 180018001234 from your registered mobile number.
  2. IVRS will tell your balance.
  3. Then it will give options of different payment like sending money to someone, to repeat the last mobile recharge or change language.
  4. Once you select to pay someone, it will ask you for the mobile number of the payee.
  5. Then it will ask you to enter the amount to be transferred.
  6. Then enter the PIN you have set
  7. Once everything is complete, it will repeat all the details you have entered like the amount, the payee etc.
  8. If you have entered any wrong information, you can re-enter everything.
  9. Once you are complete with this step and you are sure that you are paying the right person, you can move forward and complete the payment.
The interface is quite like mobile balance recharge using paper recharge. Paytm is copying a lot of features of existing mobile infrastructure.

Paytm is trying its best to reach to everyone and taken their next step for Cash-Less (Less-Cash) India.

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